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Made To Measure Mats

Made to Measure Mats are custom made to the size you require or cut off a roll to the length you require. We have custom size mats available up to 2 x 6.6m or rolls up to 25m in length. Get the right fit you need for practical, aesthetic or safety requirements.

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When standard sizes just won’t do, you’re going to need a made-to-measure mat. Fortunately there are plenty of ways that you can achieve the perfect fit and you will usually have a choice of styles and colours too.

Made-to-Measure Mats are Better Looking and Safer

Having one made-to-measure mat is more preferable to putting multiple mats side by side, or end to end, not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also from a safety point of view too. Multiple mats can lead to an increased trip hazard as someone transitions from one mat to the next. Having one made to measure mat to cover the entire area eliminates this problem whilst giving a uniform appearance which is easier on the eye.

Runner Mats in Custom Lengths

Runner mats is a term given to mats that are usually supplied in fixed widths and longer than normal lengths. Often the length can be custom cut to fit in with the length of your corridor, entranceway or workstation for instance. The widths tend to be fixed in feet increments, so you’ll often find 61cm, 91cm and 122cm widths are the most common runner widths. See our Velour Vinyl Runner Mats for a good value runner mat option.

The length you can choose is normally as long as the mat roll is manufactured in the first place, because the product tends to be cut off the roll. Some products may even have edging on the cut ends too if required. Edges are usually glued or bonded to create a fully finished mat, which looks better and is safer than an unfinished edge.

Fully Custom Sized Made-to-Measure Mats

If you need a mat made to a custom width and length, a ‘true made to measure mat’, then your choice may be more limited. It will likely be more expensive than a mat cut off the roll, but it is going to fit your needs perfectly. Because most mats come from materials that are premade to fixed widths, as mentioned above, there is likely to be more wastage if both dimensions are cut, and this will still need to be paid for. It also requires more work cutting both sides to exact dimensions and the mats usually need to be edged manually, so labour cost is higher too.

Our Shades Eco Heavy Duty Mats are available in custom widths and lengths up to 150 x 660cm. Our Unicolour Any Colour Mats are available in sizes up to 200 x 660cm. They are both true made to measure mats that are fully edged on all sides.

Use Modular Tile Mat Systems to achieve Custom Sizes and Shapes

A good way to achieve coverage of strange shapes or sized areas, is by using mats that are in modular or tiled form. Although not made-to-measure mats per se, they can often help you achieve the same outcome. Tiles are usually fairly small in size and are normally installed using a carpet adhesive or by laying them loose on the sub-floor. The tiles can be cut to fit around fixtures and fittings too, so are a great solution for more complex areas.

Our Premier Track Entrance Matting Tiles are supplied in Packs or in Single Tiles. You can fit as many tiles as you need together to achieve the size or shape you require.

Need Exact Sized Made-to-Measure Mats?

You should always check manufacturing size tolerances if getting the exact size is a necessity. It may be that you need to oversize the mat you order slightly so that it can be trimmed to fit the space you’re placing it. When trimming a mat, consider if you need a border. Many mats, including our Shades Eco Heavy Duty Mats, can be supplied with or without a border so that you can trim to size as needed without needing to take the size of the border into account.

Need more help choosing your Made-to-Measure Mat?

Choosing the right made-to-measure mat for your facility can be difficult when you consider the many choices available to you. We are happy to help you cut through this choice and ensure you get the right mat for your premises. We’re here to help you, so simply Contact Us for additional support.