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Remedy Anti-Fatigue Matting

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Remedy Anti-Fatigue Matting

From: £0.50

Low cost PVC foam anti-fatigue matting for light commercial or industrial use. For dry areas only. Supplied in fixed mat sizes or rolls cut by the linear centimetre up to 18.3m. Textured pebble surface with optional yellow awareness borders.

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1 Year GuaranteeRemedy Anti-Fatigue mats and rolls represent excellent value and provide an ergonomic solution for workers who otherwise have to stand or work on hard floors for long periods of time. Optional yellow awareness borders. Available in fixed sizes to cover workstations or in cut length rolls to cover long runs.

Made of 9.5mm depth blown PVC foam, the mats give a good level of support and comfort to help reduce fatigue and insulate against cold floors.

The ramped edges, optional yellow awareness borders and low profile of the mat give additional safety benefits to help reduce trips and falls.

Suitable for dry areas only, with very little or no grease, oil or chemical spillages.

To order custom lengths, enter the length in centimetres you require into the ‘Enter Measurement here’ box. The price will automatically calculate.

E.g. For a 7m length of the 90cm width roll, choose ‘Custom Length: 90cm x Linear Centimetre’ and enter Quantity 700 into the measurement box.

NB: There is a minimum order length of 100cm. Longer lengths cost less/m2 as shown in the Measurement Price Bands displayed.


  • Budget 100% PVC foam anti fatigue matting for use in light industrial applications
  • Fixed size options or cut to size in fixed widths, so can be used for long runs and bespoke length requirements
  • Low profile, easy to clean surface
  • Not for use in wet areas
  • Not for use with high heels, chair wheels, under furniture. With such use, damage to the mat may occur
  • Cloth pattern for traction
  • High visibility border option on textured surface

How does this mat improve health and safety?

  • Reduces worker fatigue and provides comfort, in particular against cold, hard concrete floors
  • Encourages subtle movements of the joints to stimulate blood flow around the body
  • Reduced fatigue = fewer injuries = fewer sick days
  • Bevelled, yellow awareness borders to reduce trip hazard
  • Lightweight mat reduces lifting injury risk

Recommended for:

  • Light Commercial & Industrial applications
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Picking & packing
  • Production / assembly lines
  • Manufacturing
  • Work stations
  • Behind tills
  • Behind reception / customer service desks
  • Domestic use

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Colour: Black, Black with Yellow Border, Grey
Material: Open Cell PVC (Foam)
Mat Height: 9.5mm
Roll Length: 18.3m
Size of Yellow Safety Border Option: 10mm
Temperature Resistance: 0°C to +60°C
Surface Pattern: Textured Pebble
Fire Tested To: BS EN 13501-1 Class Dfl – s1

Cleaning Instructions

Regular cleaning:

  • Vacuum cleaner with roller brush
  • Sweep clean

Deep cleaning:

  • Use small amount of mild detergent and do not soak


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