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Modular Forklift Mats

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Modular Forklift Mats

From: £58.80

Prevent accidents in your warehouse by stopping forklifts skidding or bringing dirt and water into the warehouse on their tyres and causing hygiene and slip issues. Modular mats that are easy to install and scalable depending on the application. We recommend a minimum of 3 mat tiles for effective dirt removal.

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1 Year Guarantee

  • Modular mats to scrape and wipe the wheels of forklifts, trollies and trucks to reduce dirt and water and prevent skidding of forklifts to reduce accidents
  • Crushproof rubber reinforced nubs withstand weight of loaded forklifts
  • Protect sub floor from damage and wear
  • Quick polypropylene drying surface fabric
  • Low profile mats to allow forklifts and wheeled traffic to easily pass over them 
  • Store dirt and water below tyre level to prevent tracking with further passes over the mat
  • Simple to clean with a hose / pressure washer, vacuum cleaner or sweeper
  • Mats should be fixed into position to prevent movement with the recommended double sided tape. One roll of tape will install 5 tiles

How does this mat improve health and safety?

  • Stop slips by stopping dirt and water coming into the warehouse
  • Prevents accidents caused by forklifts skidding 
  • Remove dust and dirt to give a cleaner environment and improve air quality
  • Anti-static

Recommended for:

  • Warehouses
  • Distribution centres
  • Factories

Please note we recommend a minimum of 3 tiles for effective dirt removal. If space allows you should have at least 6 tiles for more effective dirt and water removal. Due to the fact they are a modular system, you can add new tiles or easily replace damaged tiles as required.




Modular Forklift Mat Tiles:

Face: Moulded reinforced textile.

Face material: PP carpet

Backing: SBR Rubber

Colour: Charcoal

Mat Size: 115 x 170cm

Mat Height: 10mm

Size variation: +/- 2%

Weight: 5.6kg/m²

Max. operating temperature: 100°C

Double Sided Tape:

Width: 5cm

Roll length: 50m

Operating temperature: -20°C to +80°C

High initial tack, ultimate bond achieved in 12-24 hours.

Manufactured in UK

Features & Benefits

A: Modular mats easy to install and scalable for the application.

B. Heavy duty polypropylene mat face fabric to cope with loaded forklift trucks.

C: Crushproof nitrile rubber nubs to withstand weight of forklift trucks loaded up to 6300kg

D: Bi-level. Upper mat level effectively removes dirt and water.

E: Heavy duty nitrile rubber backing.

F: Keeps areas cleaner and drier to reduce cleaning costs.

G: Lower level stores dirt and water for later removal when cleaned.

H. Low profile edging allows forklifts, other wheeled traffic and foot traffic to safely move on and over the mat.

I: Chemical and oil resistant for use in industrial locations.

J. Easy to clean with a vacuum, sweeper, hose or pressure washer

K. Anti-static.

Cleaning Instructions

Regular cleaning:

  • Vacuum cleaner with roller brush
  • Stiff brush

Deep cleaning:

  • Carpet extraction cleaner / carpet shampooer
  • Hose or pressure washer


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