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Decking Mats

Anti-slip decking mats used to stop slips on and to protect outdoor decking. These mats allow rain water and debris to flow through the mat to leave a safe walking surface. Supplied as decking mat rolls, which can be cut to the length you require, or in modular tiles which can cover large decking areas of any size or shape.

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    Decking Strips Anti-Slip GRP Main

    Decking Strips Anti-Slip GRP

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  • Floorline Anti Slip Roll Matting

    Floorline Anti-Slip Roll Matting

    From: £58.80 Select options
  • Heronair Anti Fatigue Roll Matting

    Heronair Anti-Fatigue Roll Matting

    From: £57.60 Select options
  • Frontrunner XT Outdoor Entrance Roll Matting

    Frontrunner XT Entrance Well Matting

    From: £182.40 Select options
  • Vynagrip Anti-Slip Roll Matting

    Vynagrip Heavy Duty Anti-Slip Roll Matting

    From: £76.80 Select options
  • Interlock Flow Through Rubber Tiles Main

    Interlock Flow Rubber Tiles & Edges

    From: £19.07 Select options
  • Heronrib Barefoot Wet Area Roll Matting

    Heronrib Barefoot Wet Area Roll Matting

    From: £66.00 Select options
  • Rubber Ramp Mat Main

    Rubber Ramp Mat

    From: £34.00 Select options
  • Drainable Roll Matting Main

    Drainable Rubber Roll Matting

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  • Fine Ribbed Rubber Roll Matting Main

    Fine Ribbed Rubber Roll Matting

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  • Wide Rib Rubber Roll Matting Main

    Wide Rib Rubber Roll Matting

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  • Penny Dot Rubber Roll Matting Main

    Penny Dot Rubber Roll Matting

    From: £0.39 Select options
  • Connector Oil & Grease Resistant Rubber Mat Main

    Connector Oil & Grease Resistant Rubber Mats

    £113.87 Select options
  • GRP Adhesive 290ml

    GRP Adhesive

    From: £13.20 Select options
  • GRP Cutter Screw Main

    GRP Cutter Screws

    From: £9.59 Select options

Wooden decking has a beautiful natural look that is very pleasing on the eye. It is relatively low maintenance in comparison to a lawn and is typically less expensive than a paved patio, so it is no surprise that it is so popular in the UK. Our Decking Mats complement decking and alleviate some of the biggest problems associated with decking, particularly around safety and durability.

What are Decking Mats?

Mats that are used on decking, usually in rolls / runners or in tiled form to cover large and irregular shaped areas. Made from weather proof materials, such as rubber or PVC and typically with flow through holes to allow rainwater, dirt and debris to fall away from the surface.

Why use Decking Mats?

The primary need for decking mats is to solve problems around safety, such as slips and trips and for durability, by protecting the wood and coating.

Stop Slips and Provide Grip

Decking can become dangerously slippery when wet or icy. Even if it hasn’t been raining, morning dew, moss and algae build-up can still make the decking surface slippery. For the elderly, those unsteady on their feet and for care-free children, slippery decking is a heightened issue.

Decking mats can be laid on top of the decking to give the traction that is needed underfoot and to provide a safe, comfortable walking surface, whatever the weather.

Stop Trips

Decking planks can often become uneven or lift through damage or wear, which can lead to trip hazards. Decking mats will lay flat and contour to the decking to effectively smooth out the surface which will significantly reduce trip hazards.

Protect the Wood and Varnish

Decking Mats are made from extremely durable, weather-proof materials. They will protect the wood beneath from damage, preserve any coating used, such as paint or varnish, and consequently extend the life of the decking considerably.

Wheelchairs Slipping on Decking

Wheelchairs also have issues with grip on wet decking, particularly if the decking has access ramps. Ridges and ruts in decking can also cause issues for wheels, which can become lodged between the boards. Mats can be used to give the wheels the traction needed and provide a safe, wheelchair-friendly surface.

Mat Colours to Complement decking

The beauty of the wood doesn’t have to be tainted by the use of mats. Decking Mats in natural colours, such as greens, browns, greys are available as well as the most popular mat colour, black. The mats will complement the outside space, whilst giving the reassurance of the safety and durability they will provide for decades to come.