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Sticky Tack Mats

Sticky Tack Mats are specialist mats which have the unique ability to remove and hold onto very fine dirt and dust particles.

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    Clean Step Sticky Tack Mats

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  • First Step Tacky Mat Hospital

    First Step Anti Microbial Sticky Tack Mats

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How Sticky Tack Mats work

The mats feature a sticky / adhesive surface that is able to grab onto and remove fine particles as the mats are walked or wheeled over. They effectively hold onto the contaminants, so that they cannot be tracked off the mat as further people transition over the mat.

Once the mat is saturated with dirt, they can either be wiped clean or the dirty layer can be peeled off, to leave a fresh layer beneath. Layers are numbered, so you can be sure to order replacement pads before the layers run out.

The pad will usually sit in a fame or have an adhesive underside, so that it will not move on the floor beneath, which could otherwise cause a safety issue.

Clean rooms

Specialist environments where dirt and dust may contaminate the clean room can use sticky tack mats at entrances to the room. They act as an effective barrier to the fine dirt which standard carpeted top mats cannot remove.


Dust can lead to breathing difficulties and dirt particles can carry germs around a health facility. Sticky tack mats will help reduce the risk associated here. Anti-Microbial sticky tack mats exist which can kill germs that come into contact with the mat to help with stopping the spread of bacteria.

Floor protection

Some floors are sensitive to damage from small dirt particles, including grit and sand. Sports floors, stages and polished floors are examples that can soon become scratched or worn if not carefully protected. Sticky tack mats can be placed at the entrances of such areas.