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First Step Anti Microbial Sticky Tack Mats

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From: £118.80

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First Step Anti Microbial Sticky Tack Mats

From: £118.80

Sticky tack mats with additional hygiene control, thanks to the addition of an anti-microbial agent. The mats will kill bacteria on contact as well as remove fine dirt and dust in areas requiring specialist contamination control. 2 colours available, supplied in 4 pads of 30 layers.

Colour : Blue
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1 Year GuaranteeFirst Step are sticky tack mats with the additional advantage of being anti-microbial treated. Not only will the stickiness remove fine dirt and dust particles, they also kill bacteria and germs as they come into contact with the mat. The mats give specialist contamination control and improve hygiene control.

Supplied as 4 pads each containing 30 peelable layers (120 layers in total). Once a layer becomes soiled you simply peel it away to dispose of and reveal a fresh layer beneath. The layers are numbered, so you can plan to avoid running out. The reverse of the pad has adhesive to hold it in place on the floor preventing it from moving as foot or wheeled traffic passes over the mats.

The anti-microbial treatment will protect against bacteria, mould and mildew, to reduce germs and odours and improve hygiene levels.

Available in 2 colours, white and blue. Multiple pads may be placed together for coverage of larger areas.

First Step Tacky Mats are recommended for:

  • Dry areas only
  • Environments where dust and fine particles may cause a problem
  • Factories
  • Clean rooms
  • Health care
  • Food Production





Colours: White or Blue
Antibacterial effectiveness (GB/T 31402-2015): >99.9%
Size inc base: 45 x 117cm
Material: PE with water based acrylic adhesive.
Surface Finish: Smooth
Product Height: 1.5 mm
Min. Operating Temperature: 0°C
Max. Operating Temperature: +60°C
Environmental Resistance: Suitable for indoor environments only

Cleaning Instructions

Peel away the soiled layer to reveal a fresh layer beneath


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