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Anti-Microbial Mats

Stop the formation and spread of bacteria and other harmful microbes with Anti-Microbial mats. Treated with an additive which is effective for the lifetime of the mat. Improve the hygiene levels in work and home environments including Clean Rooms, Health and Food Industries.

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  • Synthetic Coir Roll Matting Main

    Synthetic Coir Roll Matting 10mm Depth

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  • Cushion Flow Anti-Slip Mat Main

    Cushion Flow Grease-Proof Anti-Slip Mat

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  • Floorline Anti Slip Roll Matting

    Floorline Anti-Slip Roll Matting

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  • Heronrib Barefoot Wet Area Roll Matting

    Heronrib Barefoot Wet Area Roll Matting

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  • First Step Tacky Mat Hospital

    First Step Anti Microbial Sticky Tack Mats

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    Anti-Microbial Chair Mat

    Chair Mat Hygienic PVC Rectangular

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Why use Anti-Microbial Mats?

Anti-microbial mats inhibit the growth of microbes on the mat to leave a cleaner more hygienic environment. Microbes include bacteria as well as mildew, such as mould and fungus. By killing microbes, the mats help stop them from being transferred to other objects or people.

Bacteria cause odours, so normal mats may also be a source of unpleasant odours if not cleaned. Microbe growth can also cause damage in products, including mats, leading to a shorter product life span.

Mats treated with anti-microbial additives will stay fresher and cleaner for longer. The treatment is guaranteed to last the lifetime of the mat. It will not wear away or wash out through cleaning or use.

Where are Anti-Microbial Mats used?

The mats can be used in many industries, but are particularly suited to the following:

Clean rooms

Stop the ingress of microbes and help prevent environmental contamination.

Healthcare and Care homes

Stop the spread of bacteria which can lead to sickness amongst patients.

Food processing

To kill bacteria, including those that lead to sickness bugs and to prevent odours forming on mats which could taint food.

Leisure centres

Moist, humid environments are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungus growth. Anti-microbial mats help produce a more hygienic environment and prevent mould build up and odours from body fats.

Childcare Facilities

Where children and babies crawl on the floor exploring objects with their hands and mouths. Toilet and sickness accidents are commonplace leading to a heightened risk of bacteria.

Cleaning the mats – autoclave, dishwasher, chemicals

Depending on the environment they are used in, cleaning methods may differ. Most anti-microbial mats can be cleaned with a mild detergent to keep the surface free of dirt, dust and other debris, that would stop the microbes coming into contact with the mat.

In food environments, some mats can be cleaned in the dishwasher, along with other pots and pans etc to make cleaning more convenient. Our Cushion Flow mat can be used in such a situation.

Some Healthcare facilities may require autoclaving of the mats, whereby the mats are subject to high temperatures or intensive chemical cleaning.

Still have questions about Anti-Microbial mats?

We’re happy to help answer all your mat related questions, simply Contact Us. We want to ensure you get the right mats for your individual needs.