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Gym Mats

Gym mats for commercial gyms or for home gym set ups provide a safer and more comfortable environment for exercises. Prevent slips with more traction underfoot and reduce the stress and impact on the body to help prevent injury. Gym mats can be used to protect the flooring beneath machinery and equipment.

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  • Gym-Tile Interlocking Rubber Sports Tile Main

    Gym-Tile Interlocking Rubber Sports Tiles

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    Wide Rib Rubber Roll Matting Main

    Wide Rib Rubber Roll Matting

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    Plate Finish Rubber Roll Matting Main

    Plate Finish Rubber Roll Matting

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    Interlock Solid Rubber Tiles & Edges

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Where to use Gym Mats

Our Gym Mats are designed for use in commercial gyms, but can equally be used in home gym set ups. They are best placed on flat, hard surfaces such as concrete, wood, tiles or laminate.

Why use Gym Mats?

For a safer work out, gym mats provide grip and comfort. The grip will help stop slips and falls by giving sure footedness during exercises. They do not give too much grip which would otherwise restrict movement, potentially leading to more trips and falls. They help stop slips associated with spills, such as water, drinks and sweat.

The slight cushioning effect they provide also leads to a more comfortable experience, especially in comparison to cold, hard floors. They will reduce impact on the joints, to help reduce stress and strains on the body, which, in turn, helps to prevent injury.

Gym mats will also protect the sub floor from damage from people, exercise machinery and equipment, including weights. If using heavy weights, be sure to choose mats with sufficient depth capable of absorbing the impact. Mats can be placed beneath benches and machinery to prevent stress, indentation and scratches to the floor beneath.


It is important to keep gym mats clean. Spillages are commonplace in a gym environment and, even though the mats have anti-slip properties, it is important that they are cleaned quickly to help prevent accidents and to improve hygiene.

The warm and humid environment found in gyms and leisure centres is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Inevitably bacteria will find it’s way onto the mats, so it is important that mats are regularly cleaned with a mild detergent to keep them hygienic and stop them being a source of bacterial transfer.

Should I Choose Gym Mats, Rolls or Tiles?

The type of gym mat you choose depends on the area you need to cover. Single mats will cover a small area for a focused workout with little movement. Rolls will cover long runs or are ideal for placing beneath rows of exercise equipment, such as cardio equipment or weights machines for instance.

Gym tiles are the most popular choice to use in gyms, because they can be used to cover entire flooring areas from wall to wall and can easily be cut to fit around corners, fixtures and other obstacles.

Still have questions regarding Gym Mats?

We’re here to help you choose the right mats for your set up. Simply Contact Us and we’ll be happy to give you the advice you need.