Frontrunner Plus Entrance Roll Matting
Frontrunner Plus Entrance Well Matting

From: £345.00

From: £345.00

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Frontrunner Plus Entrance Well Matting

From: £345.00

Heavy duty entrance matting gives excellent scraping and wiping performance for heavy dirt and moisture removal. Easy to fit and available in a variety of colour combinations. Heel and wheel safe for use in mat wells or loose laid.

Colour : Black
Carpet Insert : Black
Depth :

Size :

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Length: Min Allowed 50cm | Max Allowed 1200cm
Width: Min Allowed 60cm | Max Allowed 2000cm
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3 Year GuaranteeInternal entrance matting for simple installation into mat wells or as a loose lay matting system. Heavy duty PVC scraper bars coupled with carpet inserts scrape and wipe footwear for excellent dirt and moisture removal. Dirt falls to the lower level, ensuring it cannot be tracked off the mat and into the building. The variety of colours and colour combinations ensure Frontrunner Plus makes for great looking entrances.

The mat design is heel and wheel safe and gives excellent traction underfoot. Frontrunner mats are easy to clean by simply lifting and rolling the mat.

Supplied in custom sizes to the measurements you supply or as full 10m rolls in fixed widths of 0.6m, 0.91m or as full 5m rolls in fixed widths of 1.2m. Rolls can be further cut to fit on site. For lengths larger than 1.2m, multiple pieces and connector clips will be supplied to fit alongside one another.

To order custom sizes, choose ‘Custom Size’ in the Size dropdown box, choose all other options (Colour, Carpet Insert & Depth) and boxes will appear beneath the price to enter the measurements you require in cm. The price will automatically calculate.

There are minimum and maximum sizes. Larger sizes cost less/m2 as shown in the Measurement Price Bands displayed.

Frontrunner Mat Width and Length
NB: Mat type shown in this diagram is Frontrunner Brush

Made from PVC, the mats are far quicker and easier to cut and install than traditional aluminium matting systems.

Two different depths available of 14-16mm and 10.5-12mm. When installing on tiles or carpet, the lower profile makes installation easier eliminating the need to create a deeper mat well in the existing subfloor.

Frontrunner Plus matting can be edged with our Flexible PVC Edging for Mats product.

How do they improve Health and Safety?

  • Stop slips by removing dirt and moisture
  • Provide a safe walking surface
  • Anti Static
  • Slip Resistant certification

Recommended for:

  • Indoor Wells / Recesses
  • Commercial and industrial buildings
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Shops and supermarkets
  • Restaurants
  • Healthcare facilities

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Carpet Insert

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Frontrunner Plus
Height: 14-16mm
Weight: 10.5kg/m2
Composition: PVC
Fire: EN ISO 13501-1:2007-Cfl-S1, ASTM E648, Class 1
Slip resistance: ASTM E303 Dry/Wet with lines along–lines across 72-97 / 65-81
Thermal: from -23°C and up to +60°C
Warranty: 3 years

Frontrunner Plus Low Profile 10.5mm
Height: 10.5-12mm
Weight: 8.7kg/m2
Composition: PVC
Fire: EN ISO 13501-1:2007-Cfl-S2
Slip resistance: ASTM E303 Dry/Wet with lines along–lines across 72-97 / 65-81
Thermal: from -23°C and up to +60°C
Warranty: 2 years

Absorbent Inserts:
Height: 8.7mm
Weight: EN 8543 ± 4260 g/m²
Pile yarn weight: ± 820 g/m²
Composition: 100% regenerated polyamide BCF
Fire: EN ISO 13501-1:2007 Cfl-S1

Cleaning Instructions

Regular cleaning options:

  • Sweep
  • Hose or pressure washer

Deep cleaning options:

  • Scrub with mild detergent using a brush
  • Machine clean with a cylindrical scrubber dryer
  • Steam clean


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