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Teebaud Premium Anti-Slip Mat and Rug Underlay

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From: £14.00

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Teebaud Premium Anti-Slip Mat and Rug Underlay

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From: £14.00

The best underlay on the market for preventing mats and rugs moving or creeping on both hard floors and carpets. Simple to cut and fit beneath your mats for an instant solution to a dangerous and frustrating problem. Stop slips and rucking of your mats and rugs instantly. Teebaud Premium Anti-Slip Mat & Rug Underlay is available in custom cut sizes or fixed sizes to fit your requirement.

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Conquer Creeping Mats: Enhance Safety and Comfort with Teebaud Premium Anti-Slip Mat and Rug Underlay

Tired of constantly straightening your rug? Worried about slips on a shifting mat? Teebaud Premium Anti-Slip Mat and Rug Underlay, is the number one solution for eliminating mat creep and enhancing both safety and comfort in your home or office.

Teebaud Premium Anti-Slip Mat and Rug Underlay Whole Mat on Hard Floor
Teebaud is reversible. Use black side up on hard floors and grey side up on carpets

Stop the Struggle, Embrace Stability

Say goodbye to the daily struggle of repositioning your mat. Teebaud’s innovative underlay provides exceptional grip on both hard floors and carpets, anchoring your rugs in place and preventing them from bunching, buckling, or sliding. This not only saves you time and frustration but also minimises the risk of slips and falls, a crucial concern in any busy environment.

Premium Performance, Lasting Peace of Mind

Teebaud Premium Anti-Slip Mat and Rug Underlay on Carpet

Crafted with high-quality, durable materials, Teebaud is built to last. Unlike flimsy, ineffective underlays that quickly wear out, Teebaud’s superior construction ensures long-lasting performance. This means you can enjoy the peace of mind of a safe, stable mat without the need for frequent replacements.

Teebaud is commercial quality underlay made in the USA. It will also protect flooring beneath the mat and will not scratch floors, damage carpets or leave any residue behind. A dry, water based resin adhesive, which activates under the weight of a person moving over it, holds the mat in place on both carpets and hard floors. Place black side up when placing on hard floors and grey side up for placing on carpets.

Whilst in use, Teebaud will go unnoticed other than to add a little cushioning beneath your rug or mat which gives additional comfort and warmth. The material is breathable and odourless.

Reap the Benefits:

  • Enhanced safety: Minimise slip hazards with secure mat positioning.
  • Reduced frustration: No more wrestling with creeping rugs or mats.
  • Improved comfort: Enjoy a smoother, more pleasant underfoot experience.
  • Long-lasting value: Invest in quality that endures.
  • Versatile application: Works on hard floors, carpets, and with underfloor heating.

Custom Cuts for the Perfect Fit

Teebaud Mat and Rug Underlay, cut to size

At Trusted Mats, we offer custom cuts (+/-2% tolerance) to fit your mat size requirements or in standard sizes. For best performance, we recommend measuring your mat / rug and taking 6-10 cm off each dimension, so that the underlay goes close to, but not right up to, the edge of your mat. E.g. If your mat measures 90 x 150cm, we recommend you buy a piece of Teebaud Premium Anti-Slip Mat and Rug Underlay measuring 82 x 142cm.

To order a custom size, select ‘Custom Size’ and input your measurements (in centimetres) in the fields that will display below. The price will automatically calculate.

If you prefer, you can cut one of our standard sizes to your exact requirements using a good pair of scissors or a utility knife. If you have an oversize mat or rug, you can piece multiple pieces of Teebaud together to achieve the desired size.

More Than Just a Rug Grip, It’s an Investment in Safety and Comfort

Teebaud Premium Anti-Slip Mat and Rug Underlay is not just a product, it’s an investment in your well-being and peace of mind. Whether you’re a facility manager prioritizing safety in a busy office or a homeowner seeking a comfortable, hassle-free rug experience, Teebaud delivers.

Teebaud Anti-Slip Mat and Rug Underlay works to stop mat and rug movement on surfaces including:

  • Carpets
  • Carpet Tiles
  • Hard floors
    • Laminate
    • Vinyl
    • Wood
    • Engineered Wood
    • Tiles
    • Brick

Suitable for:

  • Rugs
  • Floor mats
  • Exercise mats
  • Yoga Mats
  • Pilates Mats

Ready to say goodbye to creeping mats and hello to safety and comfort? Order your Teebaud now!


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Face material: Polyester with dry resin coating
Total weight: 0.25 kg/m²
Total height: 4 mm
Size variation: +/-2%
Fire tested to ASTM-D2859

Cleaning Instructions

Regular cleaning:

  • Brush lightly
  • Do not wash or dry clean
  • If grip reduces over time, use a fine mist of clean water to revive the special adhesive formula and leave to air dry.

Fitting & Care Instructions

  • Ensure the floor is vacuumed, clean and dry.
  • The underlay should be approximately 3-5cm smaller than the rug or mat on all sides. If required, it can be easily trimmed to size with household scissors.
  • Remove the protective plastic film from the underlay before fitting.
  • Do not wash or dry clean the underlay.
  • Avoid lifting and re-fitting the underlay on a regular basis.
  • If the underlay loses its grip over time, use a fine spray of clean water to revive the specially formulated coating and leave to air dry before re-fitting.
  • If using with an oversized rug or mat, simply use as many pieces of underlay as required side-by-side. Taping or splicing is not necessary.

Rug or Mat on Carpet

  • Place the black side facing downwards on the carpet.
  • Place the rug or mat on the grey side.

Rug or Mat on Hard / Smooth Floors

  • Place the grey side facing downwards on the hard / smooth floor.
  • Place the rug or mat on the black side.

11 reviews for Teebaud Premium Anti-Slip Mat and Rug Underlay

  1. rick

    really happy with the turnaround, service and quality – i’ve spoken with the guys there a few times and they were super helpful and accommodating. would recommend!

  2. tracy fletcher

    Really happy with the non slip underlay for rug – great quality and is as described.
    Fast delivery and Mark was super helpful with a query. Highly recommend using Trusted Mats.

  3. Spencer Isaacs

    Great service. Easy to use website and very prompt despatch and delivery.

  4. Carl

    Order was despatched quickly and delivered within the time frame given. Product however doesn’t stop my rug from moving, it stays glued to carpet but not to rug, tried other options and all the same so guess its my rug.
    (Trusted Mats: Ensure the instructions supplied have been correctly followed. Try reversing the product and you should find it then sticks to both the rug and floor)

  5. Rosina Messer-Bennetts

    I am delighted with my trusted mats. They really work. No longer do I have to adjust my mats every time I step on them. Highlt recommended.

  6. Stacey Bennett

    Works well, rugs don’t budge

  7. Rajeev Mair

    Anti slip mat underlay worked beautifully on top of a long piled carpet ;0)

  8. Janice

    The delivery was quick and the mat does a great job.

  9. VB

    Very good product, mat has not moved at all.

  10. Dawn Gibson

    Very happy with the Teebaud Premium Anti-Slip Mat and Rug Underlay from Trusted mats. I needed to stop a small rug in front of my fireplace from ‘creeping’ on my living room carpet. It works brilliantly and was cheaper than others on other websites. Make sure you follow the instructions and lay it the right way – it is different if the rug is on a hard floor. Delivery was very prompt and it was well packaged. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Trusted Mats again.

  11. John L

    Lightweight and super grippy. Feels tacky so time will tell if it leaves a residue

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