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Freezer Room Anti-Slip Roll Matting

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Freezer Room Anti-Slip Roll Matting

From: £76.80

Upgrade your restaurant’s freezer rooms with Freezer Room Anti-Slip Roll Matting! Trusted by top food chains, this matting ensures safety, prevents slips, and keeps your valuable inventory off the floor. Durable, customisable, and food-safe. Available in full rolls or cuts.

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4 Year GuaranteeAre you tired of dealing with slips, falls, and damaged goods in your freezer rooms? Look no further! Trusted Mats presents the game-changer for your food industry storage needs – Freezer Room Anti-Slip Roll Matting, designed to excel in the extreme conditions of freezer rooms.

Unmatched Safety for Your Team and Goods:

Safety is paramount, especially in fast-paced restaurant environments. Our Freezer Room matting offers exceptional anti-slip properties, ensuring your employees can confidently navigate freezer rooms and minimise the risk of accidents. Say goodbye to costly workplace injuries and downtime – let your team focus on what they do best!

Preserve Product Quality with Precision:

Picture this: fresh produce, premium ingredients, and temperature-sensitive goods, all carefully stored on Freezer Room Heavy-Duty Matting inside your walk-in freezers. Unlike traditional flooring, our matting provides an insulated barrier that keeps products elevated and protected from direct contact with cold, moisture, or condensation on the floor. Maximise the shelf life of your inventory, keep mould and mildew at bay, and maintain the quality that your customers demand.

Trusted by Leading Food Chains:

You’re in great company! Many major restaurant chains, McDonalds included, entrust our Freezer Room matting to keep their freezers a safe space and their products in perfect condition. Now it’s your turn to experience the reliability and performance that top-tier restaurants rely on every day.

Features an aggressive tread which ensures grip in wet, greasy or oily areas. Freezer Room mats are designed to allow liquids or debris to fall through the mat and away from the surface.

Size and Colour Options:Freezer Room Matting Rolls Colours

Freezer Room matting is available in full 5m or 10m rolls or cut rolls to the linear metre, in fixed widths of 0.6m, 0.91m, 1.22m. It can easily be cut on site to fit the area required or placed next to rolls to cover larger areas.

To order custom lengths, enter the length in metres you require into the ‘Enter Measurement here’ box. The price will automatically calculate.

E.g. For a 4m length of the 91cm width roll, choose ‘Custom Length: 91cm x Linear Metre’ and enter Quantity 4 into the measurement box.

Available in a variety of colours, including our yellow bordered mat, which act as an added safety feature to prevent trips or to highlight walkways or storage zones.

Freezer Room matting can be edged with our Flexible PVC Edging for Mats product.

Key Features:

  1. Extreme Durability: Built to withstand heavy foot traffic, trolley loads, and very low temperatures, ensuring a long-lasting investment.
  2. Customisable Lengths: Our Freezer Room mat rolls can be tailored to fit any freezer room size, providing a seamless and professional installation.
  3. Easy Maintenance: Simply roll up for storage or for cleaning beneath with a hose or pressure washer.
  4. Hygienic and Food-Safe: Non-porous PVC material resists bacterial growth and mildew for increased hygiene levels.

Don’t Compromise, Upgrade Your Freezer Rooms Today: Whether you manage a bustling fast food chain, an upscale restaurant or storage facility, Freezer Room Anti-Slip Roll Matting is the ideal solution to enhance safety, protect inventory, and improve the overall efficiency of your operations.

Order now and equip your freezer rooms with the industry’s leading matting solution.


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Height: 15mm

Weight: 7.6 kg/m2

Composition: Non-porous bacterial-resistant PVC

Slip resistance certification: (DIN 51130: R11, ASTM 1677: 1.0/0.9)

Fire: EN ISO 13501-1:2007-Cfl-SI

Drainage certification: (DIN 51130: V10)

Thermal: From -23°C and up to +60°C

Electrical: BS 2782: Part 2 Method 230A.

Insulation resistance > 2000M Ω

Electric strength = 12,600 volts

Chemical resistance: Majority of Oils, Acids & Alkalines

Cleaning Instructions

Regular cleaning options:

  • Sweep
  • Hose or pressure washer

Deep cleaning options:

  • Scrub with mild detergent using a brush
  • Machine clean with a cylindrical scrubber dryer
  • Steam clean


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