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The Best Anti Slip Mats to Keep Decking Safe and Secure

Keeping your decking safe and secure during wet and icy conditions is important – enter anti-slip mats for decking. These mats provide traction to help people walk on slippery surfaces and make the most of their outdoor space any time of year. Learn more here about the best options for keeping your decking safe and sound.

Choose mats with a slip-resistant coating or surface texture

When picking out your anti-slip mats for decking, it is important to look for ones that have a slip-resistant coating or surface texture. This will help ensure that your feet get the grip they need during wet or icy weather. Choose mats with a coarse texture, like those made of rubber or vinyl, as these have proven to be very effective in reducing slips and falls.

Keep in mind that if you tend to use your outdoor area without shoes, especially in the summer months with the kids running around outside for instance, then you will need a surface that is comfortable to walk on in bare feet. Very aggressive treads can be quite painful otherwise, so flip flops and sandals will be called for.

For a barefoot friendly decking choice, consider our Heronrib Decking mats, available in a variety of colours.

Bare foot anti-slip mats for decking

Look for mats made from durable materials such as rubber, vinyl, or polypropylene

Durable materials such as rubber, vinyl, and polypropylene are your best options when it comes to anti-slip mats for decking. These materials can withstand the rigors of extreme weather conditions, while also providing a slip-resistant surface texture. Additionally, they are easy to clean and maintain, making them perfect for outdoor settings.

When possible, choose mats with a raised patterned design and flow through holes that helps further reduce slips and falls. Without this, water will sit on the surface of the mat, which can lead to slips and be more difficult to clean.

Our Interlock Flow Rubber Tiles & Edges have flow through holes and can be fixed together to fit any size or shape of area. The edging gives a smart finish all around the mat, but also helps stops trips around the perimeter.

Consider colour and design when choosing your anti-slip mat

While safety should always be your top priority when choosing any type of mat, you will also want to consider how the mat looks. Many anti-slip mats come in a range of different colours and patterns, so you can pick a product that suits your aesthetic. If you are installing the mats on your decking or in another outdoor space, choose something that will complement existing decor while still providing excellent anti-slip protection.

Check out our Floorline Decking Mats, which come in a range of colours to match your outdoor scene.

Floorline Anti-Slip Roll Matting
Floorline Anti-Slip Mats for Decking in a variety of colours

Make sure the size of the mat is suitable for your outdoor area

Anti-Slip Decking mats used as a walkway
Anti-Slip Decking mats used as a walkway

Before you choose anti-slip mats for decking or other outdoor area, make sure that the size is suitable for the space. Measure the area and buy a product with dimensions to match.

Many people buy decking roll mats which can be used to just create a safe path / walkway over the decking. Roll mats are available in fixed widths and long lengths, typically 10 metres long. They can be cut and fit alongside more lengths of roll mat to create your safe walking path.

If you need an extra-large anti-slip mat or special cut outs, many manufacturers offer custom sizes and services. You can also use two or more mats joined together if necessary to cover a large area conveniently and safely, or use tiled options that can fit any size of area you need.

Where to buy anti-slip mats for decking

The Trusted Mats website has a large choice of matting suitable for decking. We know that everyone has their own individua requirements, so we can also help you choose the correct matting you need. Simply Contact Us for help and enjoy your outdoor decking safely throughout the year.

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