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Custom Coir Mats for Your Home or Office

Coir matting is a natural product that comes from coconut husks. For this reason, it is considered a sustainable mat type, the material literally grows on trees. Custom coir mats have many uses in home décor, for floor protection and helps reduce slips and falls in commercial settings.

Why Choose Custom Made Coir Flooring?

Coir mats are available in different sizes and shapes, which makes them extremely practical for covering large or unusually shaped areas. They come in various colours and patterns and are an aesthetically pleasing choice.

The natural look of coir is very attractive, but you can also choose solid colour coir options or patterned designs to match or complement your decor. Coir mats are effective entrance mats which are durable and will last for years.

Coconut husks used to make custom coir mats
Coconut husks used to make custom coir mats

The Benefits of Custom Coir Matting

  • Coir mats are eco-friendly products that are made from coconut fibres. They are non-slip and provide a safe walking surface.
  • They are ideal for protecting hardwood floors. tile floors. and other surfaces from the damaging effects of dirt and moisture.
  • Coir mats are excellent scrapers to remove heavy dirt from footwear.
  • The natural coir fibres are highly absorbent. They soak up moisture and stop it entering the building.
  • They are simple to cut to fit into mat wells and for areas of unusual size and shape.

How to Select the Right Size Coir Matting

To select the right size coir matting. consider now much space you need to cover. If you plan to use them in a busy entrance area, then you should purchase larger mats. Mats are more effective. the more steps people take on the mat. Mats can only scrape and wipe when coming into contact with footwear. A small mat may only be enough to only have one step taken on it, or may be bypassed by one foot altogether limiting it’s ability to remove dirt and moisture.

If you are selecting a mat to fit in a mat well, you need to correctly measure your well and purchase the right size mat to fit. We recommend purchasing a slightly larger piece of coir than you measure, so you can trim the mat to fit on site. This ensures the mat fits snugly in the recess and you do not get any unsightly gaps around the edge of the mat.

For coir mats going into mat wells, remember to also measure the depth of the well. Select a depth that is equal to or a few millimetres more than your measurement. This will ensure there is no or very little trip hazard associated with your mat.

How to Install Coir Flooring

If placing on top of your floor, it may be that you just need to select the right size coir mat and lay it down. You may need to do a little cutting of the mat on site to fit in the area you need it or to fit around obstacles, such as walls, fixtures or fittings.

If placing in a mat well, then you must measure the well accurately. Turn the coir mat on its back and cut to your measurements using a sharp knife and steel ruler. PVC backed coir mats are usually simple to cut because you only have to cut through the thin PVC backing, rather than the whole mat. You then separate the face by carefully pulling the cut pieces apart.

Tips for Maintaining Coir Flooring

Coir mats are durable, but must be cleaned and maintained to retain their effectiveness. They can be cleaned with an upright vacuum cleaner or even a stiff brush, particularly when first purchased to reduce the initial shedding of fibres.

Dirt can be difficult to remove from the lower levels of the mat, due to the depth of coir mats. The old tried and tested method of beating the mat outside may work as well as any other method, but this is more difficult to do in larger mats of course due to their weight.

The natural coconut fibres are very absorbent. This makes them excellent at removing moisture of course, but is not so good when it comes to removing stains that may accumulate on the mat. Stains should be cleaned as soon as is practical with a mild carpet cleaning solution.

Where Can I Buy Custom Coir Mats?

Trusted Mats will help you choose the right custom coir mats for your requirements. We have a large selection of colours to fit your décor. We sell 5 depths of coir and supply cut lengths up to 10 metres, from rolls as wide as 2 metres to ensure we have you covered (as well as your floors!)

Visit the custom coir mats section of our website today.

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