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Coir Matting | What are the advantages & disadvantages?

Have you been thinking of getting a new doormat to spruce up the interior of your home, or to replace the old one you’ve currently got in your office’s entrance? Coir mats, also known as coconut matting, might just be the mat for you. 

If you’re unfamiliar with this type of matting, you might be wondering – Are coir mats any good? How long do these mats last? We’ve put together a list of the top pros and cons of purchasing a coir mat to help guide you through your decision-making process and ensure you choose a mat that is best suited for your intended purpose.

Natural Coir Front Door Recess Outside Looking in

What are the benefits of coir mats?


Arguably one of the top benefits of coir matting is its cost. Coir has a low price point in comparison to other custom-sized entrance matting options, allowing you to improve your indoor area even on a budget.

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

Coir matting is extremely eco-friendly as it is made from a biodegradable material – coconut husks! Additionally, these fibres are also naturally renewable. At the end of their use, these coir faces can be composted as opposed to ending up in a landfill. By opting for this matting material, you’ll be making an environmentally friendly choice and supporting global sustainability efforts. 

Coconut husks used to make custom coir mats

Aesthetic Appearance

The ability of coir mats to be adaptable to varying spaces and interior designs makes it an attractive choice when it comes to choosing an entrance mat. With its natural beauty, its warm tones immediately make any entrance area warm and inviting for homeowners and guests alike. In residential homes, we’ve found many ways to style coir matting. However, the coir face can also be dyed in a wide range of colours, from dark brown to red, to complement your envisioned aesthetic. As they are available in a range of sizes and thicknesses, they can seamlessly fit into your existing flooring arrangements without any hassle.

High Performance

As an entrance mat, coir is extremely effective at scraping water and heavy dirt from any footwear traffic that passes over the mat. As coconut fibres are moisture-wicking in nature, they help absorb excess moisture from your shoes, so coir mats will help keep your floors dry and safe, preventing your indoor areas from becoming a slip hazard.

Durable (With Proper Care)

With the proper TLC (tender loving care), coir matting of a high grade is an extremely durable and effective mat option that can serve you for many years. By vacuuming regularly with a roller brush, or spot-cleaning it with a mild detergent when necessary, it can help extend the lifespan of your coir mat.

What are the disadvantages of coir mats?


Although coir is known for its durability, its effectiveness diminishes relatively quickly compared to its synthetic counterparts such as Vinyl, Polypropylene or PET mats. Especially when placed in areas with high traffic, coir matting can become worn or frayed easily, making the mat ineffective in performing as an effective entrance mat to remove dirt and water. 

Worn coir hotel entrance


For businesses considering the use of coir matting, it is important to note that coir in an entrance area may not adhere to the rules of the Equality Act 2010. According to this act, it is unlawful for any business to treat a disabled individual, be it a customer or member of staff, less favourably. As coir is not wheelchair and pushchair-friendly, due to the material impeding the movement of wheels and making it difficult to manoeuvre, coir is not the right matting option for businesses that do not have an alternative entrance for wheeled traffic.


Upon unpacking your new coir mat, you will immediately notice loose fibres falling from the matting. During initial use especially, these fibres tend to end up on your surrounding carpets and floors. Although this significantly reduces over time, it can be troublesome for individuals who already do not enjoy the task of cleaning and constant upkeep of their space.


Coir mats are high maintenance in nature and require regular upkeep to not only ensure that they continue to enhance your entrance space, but also effectively serve its functional purpose over time. For example, removing ingrained dirt that has worked its way to the base of the fibres of a coir mat, is near impossible. To combat this, we’ve written a guide to help you care for your coir matting.


In essence, coir matting is the perfect option for individuals who are on a budget that still want to have an attractive and effective doormat.

If you’re still unsure about whether coir matting is the right choice for you, we’ve written the ultimate guide on all things coir mat-related, which includes our top maintenance tips and FAQs. Our range of premium quality coir matting comes with various depth options and is customisable in size to fit your specific needs. Regardless of whether you want it for a busy entrance area, or simply as a statement piece for your indoor home decor, we’ve got you covered!

For any enquiries regarding choosing the best coir matting for your intended purpose, contact us today and we’ll be happy to assist you. 

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