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Schools Mats

School, colleges and universities are demanding environments due to their high foot fall and the frequency of passes as children and students make their way from class to class. Keeping dirt outside the school is crucial to prevent it being tracked all around the building. Our range of heavy duty school entrance mats are highly effective at removing and, crucially, holding onto dirt and water. They are easy to clean to keep your school entrances clean and safe.

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  • Ultra Thick Polycarbonate Rectangular Chair Mat Main

    Chair Mat Ultra Thick Polycarbonate Rectangular

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  • Anti-Microbial Chair Mat

    Chair Mat Hygienic PVC Rectangular

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  • Premier FastTrack Modular Entrance Mat Tile Main

    Premier FastTrack Easy-Fit Modular Entrance Matting

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  • Premier Track Modular Entrance Matting Main

    Premier Track Modular Entrance Matting

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  • Frontrunner Entry Entrance Roll Matting

    Frontrunner Entry Roll Matting

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  • Frontrunner Plus Entrance Roll Matting

    Frontrunner Plus Entrance Well Matting

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  • Frontrunner XT Outdoor Entrance Roll Matting

    Frontrunner XT Entrance Well Matting

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  • Heronrib Barefoot Wet Area Roll Matting

    Heronrib Barefoot Wet Area Roll Matting

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  • Play Area Honeycomb Safety Matting Main

    Play Area Honeycomb Safety Matting

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School Entrance Mats:

What are school entrance mats and why are they important for schools?

School entrance mats are mats designed for use at the entrances of schools, both inside and outside. They are important because they help keep the building clean by removing dirt and moisture from the shoes of people entering the building, reducing the need for costly cleaning services. They also help prevent slips and falls by providing a non-slip surface.

What are the benefits of using school entrance mats?

  • Reduce cleaning costs
  • Keep the building clean and hygienic
  • Prevent slips and falls
  • Protect floors and carpets from damage
  • Create a welcoming environment

Which are the best school entrance mats?

School entrance mats need to be both durable and effective at stopping dirt and water. At Trusted Mats, we recommend bi-level mats, such as Aqua Barrier mats, and rubber-backed mats, such as Shades Eco Mats, as the best options for school entrances.

Aqua Barrier mats are heavy-duty bi-level mats that are designed to scrape dirt and water from shoes, preventing them from entering the building. These mats are highly durable and can cope with the heavy foot traffic found in schools. They are also easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that they remain effective and safe for use.

Shades Eco Mats are made with a rubber backing that provides excellent grip and prevents the mat from slipping or moving on hard floors and carpets alike. They are available in any size up to 1.5 x 6.6m, making them a popular choice for school entrances. They are also eco-friendly, being made from recycled materials, and come in a range of colours to complement your school’s decor.

The most effective entrance mat systems use more than one type of mat. Consider using an external entrance mat, such as the Rubber Ramp Mat, to help take heavy mud and dirt off footwear outside the building to give your internal mats a helping hand.

Wheelchair-friendly mats:

Are your school mats wheelchair-friendly?

Yes, the majority of mats in this section are suitable for use with wheelchairs. These mats are designed to be flat and level, with a non-slip surface, to ensure that they are safe and easy to use for wheelchair users. The edges of the mats will have ramps to allow simple transition of wheelchair onto and over the surface of the mat. Avoid using coir matting in school entrances. This will help ensure your school entrance remains compliant with the Equality Act 2010.

School Logo Mats:

What are school logo mats and how can they benefit schools?

School logo mats are custom-made mats that display a school’s logo or branding. They can be placed at the main entrance or in the reception area of the school to create a welcoming environment and enhance the school’s branding and identity. They can also help to improve the culture amongst children and staff, as well as impress prospective parents.

Mats for toilets and changing rooms:

What types of mats are suitable for use in school toilets and changing rooms?

Anti-slip mats are ideal for use in school toilets and changing rooms, as they help to prevent slips and falls in wet areas. They also provide comfort and hygiene for users.  Anti-slip mats, such as Rubber Scrape can be used around sinks and beneath dryers to contain water in a safe manner. Roll matting, including Floorline and Heronrib, are ideal for changing rooms giving barefoot comfort and anti-microbial properties for increased hygiene and safety.

Mats for outside school sports huts:

What type of mats are suitable for use outside school sports huts?

Mats designed for use outside school sports huts should be able to cope with heavy mud and sports studs, and should be easy to clean or hose down. They should also provide a non-slip surface to prevent slips and falls. Rubber Ramp Mats are an effective and popular choice for sports hut mats.

Mats for school kitchens / canteens:

What type of mats are suitable for use in school kitchens and canteens?

Anti-slip and anti-fatigue mats are ideal for use in busy school kitchens and canteens. They help to improve health and safety by providing a non-slip surface, as well as reducing fatigue for staff who are standing for long periods of time.

Eco-friendly school mats:

What are eco-friendly school mats and why should schools consider using them?

Eco-friendly school mats are mats made from recycled materials such as P.E.T.. The mats we sell in this section are durable and last longer than traditional mats, which means they need replacing less often. This makes them a more sustainable option for schools, as well as helps to reduce waste and environmental impact.

Which school mats are suitable for protecting floors during exam time and special events?

Rubber roll mats are an ideal solution for protecting floors during exam time. These mats can be quickly and easily rolled out to cover large areas of flooring, protecting against the damaging effects of table and chair legs on polished floors in school halls and gymnasiums for example. Our rubber roll mats are made from durable rubber, which is resistant to damage and wear. They can be easily cleaned and maintained, ensuring that they remain hygienic and safe for use.

In addition to providing protection for floors during exam time, rubber roll mats are also useful for other events such as assemblies, concerts, and other school functions. They can be rolled up and easily stored when not in use, making them a convenient and space-saving solution for schools.

Which mats are suitable for protecting against falls around outdoor play equipment?

The Play Area Honeycomb Safety Matting is an excellent solution for outdoor school play areas. Made from durable rubber, this safety matting is designed to provide a safe and comfortable play environment for children. The honeycomb design of the matting allows for excellent shock absorption, making it an ideal choice for use in areas where children are likely to be running, jumping, and playing. The matting also provides excellent grip, reducing the risk of slips and falls, even in wet weather conditions.

In addition to providing excellent safety benefits, the Play Area Honeycomb Safety Matting is also incredibly easy to install and maintain. The matting is lightweight and easy to handle, and it can be quickly and easily installed in any outdoor play area. The matting will also protect grass areas, to prevent them from becoming muddy and maintain the appearance of the area.